KM 5

Fuseholders for screw cartridges

type KM 5



 Matlé B.V. produces the approved AFO shock- and vibration-proof materials for use aboard ships and in other vibrating en shocking environments.

  • completely in compliance with Navy specifications
  • non-magnetic
  • shock- and vibration-proof
  • screw heads with ratchet tooth locking and captive window
  • temperature proof and tropicalized insulating material
  • constant contact pressure even at widely varying temperatures
  • current ratings of fuses available for 0.5-1-1.6-2-3-3.15-4-5-6.3-10 A
  • small dimensions ideally suitable for use in compact switchboards and panels
  • ideal for application where mechanicals shocks and vibrations may occur, e.g.

- on board ships

- on vibrating machines

- in explosion-proof boxes


KM5 1


Dimensions of cartridges:

                                               5 dia – 25 mm             (0.5-1-1.6-2-3-3.15-4-5-6.3-10 A)

Technical data:

            maximum current          - 125 V a.c./d.c.            10   A

                                               - 250 V d.c.                   6.3 A

                                               - 500 V d.c.                   6.3 A

            ambient temperature     -15 … +55 °C

            storage temperature      -20 … +70 °C


Technical data Dimensions in mm

 KM5 afm


Normally each fuseholder is provided with two M 3 fastening screws, captive in the fastening-holes when released to prevent loss.

NATO Stock numbers

holder              5920-17-004-1521

screw head       5920-17-706-4629

MATLÉ Article numbers

holder              AF141031

screw head       AF143006